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May 08, 2010

Install Program(apps) in Linux

Here is the simple way to install the apps and run it in UBUNTU.
1.copy the tar.gz apps on desktop.
2.go to terminal of the ubuntu.for this goto application->accessories->terminal
3. type the command as->sudo -s hit enter
4.if it prompt for password type password and hit enter.
5.then type ->cd Desktop and hit enter
6.then type-> tar xvfz filename.tar.gz -C /opt and hit enter.Here filename is your apps name.
7.now apps will install.
Hope this will works

May 06, 2010

Top 10 Drupal Modules

1. Administration menu

" Administration menu module provides a theme-independent administration interface (aka. navigation, back-end) for Drupal. It's a helper for novice Drupal users coming from other CMS, a real time-saver..."

2. Content Construction Kit (CCK)

"The Content Construction Kit allows you to add custom fields to nodes using a web browser. Drupal 7 and Fields in Core Most of CCK has moved to core in the Drupal 7 version. The D7 version of CCK contains..."

3. FCKeditor - WYSIWYG HTML editor

" WYSIWYG editor This module allows Drupal to replace textarea fields with the FCKeditor - a visual HTML editor, sometimes called WYSIWYG editor. This HTML text editor brings many of the powerful WYSIWYG..."


"The Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal site designers to control how lists and tables of content (nodes in Views 1, almost anything in Views 2) are presented. Traditionally, Drupal has..."

5. Pathauto

" Description: The Pathauto module automatically generates path aliases for various kinds of content (nodes, categories, users) without requiring the user to manually specify the path alias. This allows..."

6. Backup and Migrate

"#D7CX: I pledge that Backup and Migrate will have a full Drupal 7 release on the day that Drupal 7 is released. Backup and Migrate simplifies the task of backing up and restoring your Drupal database or..."

7. Token

" Tokens are small bits of text that can be placed into larger documents via simple placeholders, like %site-name or [user]. The Token module provides a central API for modules to use these tokens, and..."

8. Lightbox2

"The Lightbox2 module is a simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images on the current page. It's a snap to setup and works on most modern browsers. The module places images above your current page,..."

9. Webform

"This module adds a webform nodetype to your Drupal site. Typical uses for Webform are questionnaires, contact or request/register forms, surveys, polls or a front end to issues tracking systems. Submissions..."


" A CAPTCHA is a challenge-response test most often placed within web forms to determine whether the user is human. The purpose of CAPTCHA is to block form submissions by spambots, which are automated scripts..."

Drupal Flash Node Module (flashnode) and SWF Tools (swftools)

ite configuration > Flash node settings

Creating Flash Content

To create Flash content simply go to Create content > Flash
In the flash file click on browse, select your video and click on save.

You might receive a warning telling us that we don’t have a working player right now, this is because embed media field module allows you to upload the file but it doesn’t have a player, so we need to download  a module called SWFTools(http://drupal.org/project/swftools), after we copy it to the the modules directory, go to Administer > Site configuration and select SWF Tools and save configuration.

Now you are ready to post flash video content

Original Post: http://www.oshyn.com/_blog/Web_Content_Management/post/Drupal-Flash-Node-Module/

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