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April 18, 2009

How to put google ads?

How to put ad in the blogger from Adsense Account?
1.Go to adsense.com
2.Email Id Password
3.Adsense Set Up
4.Adsense for content
5.Ad Unit or Link Unit
6.If ad unit you can choose any one given
8.choose the right format of ad needed for the website.
9.for the colour,you can choose the color of ad as the
background of your website.
11.We have to give the name of the ad just we made.
this is called the adding of channel.
{This helps to know the report of the ad.means
which ad gives how many earning.}
12.For doing this click on ad new channel
13.Give the name which identify the ad
15.Submit and get code.
16.Select all
18.Go to blogger.com
21.Add gadget
23.Paste Here at the content
26.View Blog
Finally you will get ad on your website,after 10 minutes.

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