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April 20, 2009

New Post

How to do new post in the Blogger.com?
1.go to blogger.com
2.Email ID,password
3.New Post
4.Go to news.google.com
5.type the word in the search box which you have to search
6.open the news in the new window
7.copy the title of the news
8.Paste the title in title bar of blogger.com
9.Again go to the news you had open
10.copy the remaining article below the title of the news
11.paste the article in the blogger.com below the title

How to remove the link?
1.Select all the article you have pasted just now
2.Click on link button
3.Click on OK.
4.Again select all that article
5.click on justify full button

How to add image on the recent post?
1.Go to google.com
2.click on Tasveer
3.Type the name of photo
4.click on your required photo you like
5.click the image again
6.Right click on the image.
7.Select copy image location
8.Go to blogger again
9.Click on add image button.
10.Paste on URL bar.
11.Choose on the place where to put your image.
12.Click on Upload image.
13.Click on done.
14.Now Your image will come on the article you have made.
15.Resize the image.
16.Finally click on Publish Post.
17.To view your site,click on VIEW BLOG.

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