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July 31, 2010

Importance of Colors in Web Site Design

While I was browsing the webpages about "colors on webpages" I was redirected to the website named webdesign.org.I found really a useful article by Vinay Kumar on that page.Heres the article just Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V on the page of WebsiteSupport hoping useful for you.

Importance of Colors in Web Site Design


While designing a web site, importance of color is always overlooked by many web designers. But, keep it in mind that you depend on your company and your company depends on your website and your website truly depends on its color. So, color must be one of your very first concerns at the time of web site design. It's harder to read text on monitor as compare to paper and you will have to choose colors that are going to work best. Through color you can make your visitor feel comfortable, relaxed, trusting and also tempestuous.

Alas! Web browsers can only view 256 colors and even some browsers can see only 216 colors. If you want the color you chose for your website, should appear to everyone, exactly as designed by you then go ahead with 216 colors pallet. Always use web browser safe color.

Color combination is also very important aspect. Some color combinations are very unimpressive such as Yellow text on Blue Background. That's why black text on white background is the easiest color combination to read. What can be the intention of any web designer? Obviously, to make an interactive web page and interactivity comes with the colors you choose for web page. Color affects our feelings, our perceptions and our interactions.

What do colors say?

white : White is the best background color on a web page. White color shows truthfulness, Purity, devotion etc. It's the most refreshing and superlative color.

red : Red is the most emotionally vivid color and may cause a faster breathing. It symbolizes energy, action, confidence and passion.

orange: Orange is very hot color to the human eye. Orange demonstrates warmth, cheer, strength and ambition.

black: Black is the favorite color of web designers to display text but it effects very bad when used as background. It suggests excitement, speed and demands attraction.

blue: Blue is the second most popular color between web designers. It is associated with stability and depth. It represents wisdom, confidence and loyalty.

green: Green is the most compatible color with eyes and has a great healing power. It shows growth, harmony and fertility.

yellow: Yellow is the color which enhances concentration. It shows wisdom, joy and happiness.

pink: Pink is a quiet color and symbolizes sweetness, softness and innocence.

brown: Brown color provides you the feeling to mix up with the background. It represents politeness and richness.

Think about your primary audience like if you are designing a website for selling toys, then using pink and blue will be productive. Don't use more than two or three colors on a single page. Use the same background color on each page. It should not be like that 'Home Page' has a White Background and 'Contact Us' has a Yellow Background. Avoid making larger parts of web site with very bright colors. If the company for which you are designing website has already an established Logo, then make it sure that the color of Logo on website must match with the real color. Maintain the consistency because it really works. Your visitor may be irritated with your stupid color choice.

Try to be color wise and color safe, you will be able to feel the color of success.

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