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October 28, 2010

Blueprint CSS Framework and Drupal

Building website templates and themes can be a real pain. Not only do you need to layout your site, setup your columns, and get everything just how you want it you have to check it out in a half dozen different browsers to get it working for everyone out there. That's where the Blueprint CSS Framework comes in. It's designed to take a lot of the legwork out of taking a design and making it work for the web. Now, Ted Serbinski has released a Blueprint CSS starter theme for drupal.
This theme combines a bunch of slick drupal theming techniques along with the Blueprint CSS Framework providing for what looks like a great tool to use in theme building.
Some of the drupal highlights:
  • Automatically adds META description to many pages.
  • Automatically adds META keywords if taxonomy exists on that node.
  • SEO optimization without the need for heavy modules and additional queries per page.
  • Improve forum display and performance.
  • Prevents duplicate form submissions with jQuery.
If you are someone who wants to learn a bunch of great tricks for theming drupal check out the template.php file for this theme.
Some CSS Highlights:
  • Normalizes Drupal’s CSS to be consistent.
  • Flexible layout, from 1 to 3 columns, based on where you configure your blocks to show (left, center, right).
  • Highlight any comments by the author of the node.
There is a lot more CSS magic than just these.
If you want to see some of this work in the wild check out Teds blog, MothersClick, and MomBlogNetwork. This looks like a powerful tool.
source: http://www.innovatingtomorrow.net/2008/06/05/blueprint-css-framework-and-drupal

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