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August 14, 2011

Microsoft Silverlight for Business Applications

Your users want an application that’s easy to use. Your developers want to do something cool. You want to complete the project on time and in budget. Can Silverlight help you? Below are the top ten reasons you should consider Silverlight for your line of business applications.
10. It’s platform-neutral – Silverlight doesn’t rely on the Windows OS or a specific browser so you don’t have to force your end users to use certain technologies and frameworks. They can use what works best for them.
9.    Simple deployment – Since Silverlight is Web-based, it doesn’t require the .NET Framework to be installed on client machines, greatly simplifying application deployment
8.    Your developers already know .NET – Because Silverlight is a .NET-based platform, you can leverage the skills your developers already have.
7.    Readily available suites of third party controls (e.g., TelerikInfragistics, etc.) - In addition to the more than 60 controls available within the Silverlight SDK, there is a growing library of third-party controls, making your developers that much more productive.
6.    Can be used to enhance existing web and SharePoint sites incrementally – It’s not all or nothing with Silverlight. You can easily add to existing web or SharePoint applications by integrating new Silverlight components into these existing sites when needed.
5.    Users are more productive because of the rich, interactive interface – If your end users are used to working with Windows Forms desktop applications, they’ve come to expect a certain level of interactivity and usability that is harder to accomplish with Web applications. In addition to its advanced graphics capabilities, Silverlight offers a comprehensive set of controls to make data input and manipulation easy and intuitive.
4.    Applications can be developed to run “out of browser” – Out of browser applications run on the user’s desktop and offer the ability to work without a connection to the Internet. With Silverlight’s ability to detect network connections, the application can be brought online and synced to the database with the click of a button.
3.    It offers amazing data visualization tools out-of-the-box – Deep Zoom and Pivot Viewer are two examples of controls that make high performance business intelligence applications possible in a fraction of the time.
2.    It allows secure interaction with databases, the desktop file system, devices, and Microsoft Office – Running on the client’s computer, Silverlight can utilize computer resources directly, allowing you to include features in your applications that would be difficult or impossible to implement in a standard web app.
1.    Applications can be developed faster and your end users made more productive, meaning a higher ROI for your business –  It all boils down to dollars and cents. Silverlight leverages the skills and development infrastructure you already have and allows you to provide your end users with the tools they need to do their jobs more efficiently. More efficiency + more productivity = more profit.

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