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November 29, 2008

How To Choose Keyword For Better SEO ?

Note: SEO:Search Engine Optimization
Every webmaster or blogger also have their own nice website or blog, I think they should know how to win in the SEO war. To win in the SEO war and to get in the first page of Google search, you should pick a keyword for your blog to optimize, without a specific keyword, you will not win in SEO war. Take my blog as an example, I have a Make Money Online blog, so I will only concentrate on my nice keyword which is "Make Money Online".

I will not go till too detail today, I will only share with you the tips on how to choose a keyword for your nice blog. I can’t admit that I’m an expert in choosing keyword, but at least i know what should i do now. This is why I’m writing this SEO tips today, because blog is all about sharing tips, agree ?

So before you are ready to choose a keyword, of course you need to do some research about the keyword you want to optimize. First, check your keyword popularity and competitor. I check my keyword popularity in Keyword Tracker, there is a image show that a keyword search result. Let’s say now we choose a keyword “Travel”, wow there is 24180 searches for this keyword, great right if you can get in the first page of keyword “Travel” in Google. You are wrong, in the learning process, it’s better we take other lesser searches keyword.

Why don’t pick “Travel” as my keyword since there is 24180 searches, it’s a good chance to get tonnes of traffic. I will tell you why, now open your Google page and search for “Travel”, below is the result …

Oh my god, there is 962,000,000 websites that are optimize “Travel” keyword. They are your competitors ! When we are starting to learn how to win in SEO war, how are we going to beat down 962,000,000 websites ? May be you can, but i don’t know, i rather choose those lesser competitor keyword.

Ok, now we choose other keyword, ok ? Now you can go back Keyword Tracker to check other related keyword in “Travel” keyword search. I found that there was another keyword “Travel tips”, has about 1668 searches too, not bad =) Ok now we go back Google page to search for “Travel tips” keyword, result as below …

Oh, “Travel tips” keyword has14,700,000 websites, not bad what, lesser than “Travel” keyword, it’s easier to beat them up with “Travel tips” keyword. You can find other related keyword or the keyword you like, but make sure there are enough searches on your keyword, if not you are just wasting your time. You won’t get any traffic if you optimize the wrong keyword.

So, get yourself a good and suitable keyword for your blog first before you start your blog. If you win in SEO war, I bet you will be the next successful blogger in future!

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