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November 29, 2008

How To Optimize Your Keyword ?

I will make you understand how to optimize your keyword, so I will understand you a few tips on how to optimize and let you get into the first page of Google search.

Let us start from the page title ok ? First, ask yourself what is your page title and what keyword you are choosing for your blog ? If you still not sure how to choose your keyword, then Ok, I will give yuo an example, take “Travel” as my keyword.

Remember, don’t put “Welcome to my Travel blog” or “My Travel Blog” as your page title, it’s useless for Google to crawl your keyword.

You should put “Travel tips Nepal Travel Story” or whatever related with Travel, check the keyword searches to see whether is anyone search for that keyword first, if not you are wasting your time to optimize your keyword.

Another tips, don’t put “and” in your page title, example like “Travel tips AND story”, cut off the “and”, replace “” with the “and”, it will be better. Cut down the number of your words in the title too.

Ok, now I want to know you how to optimize the keyword in your blog entry, whenever you write a post contain with your keyword “Travel”, “Travel tips” or “Travel story”, Bold it or Italic it or underline it. This is an example : “Websitesupport can bring me $100 per month, it proves that Make Money Online is not impossible.”

So now you see how to optimize your keyword in your blog entry ? But remember, don’t too over use it, if you Bold, Italic and Underline too much, Google will think that your are spamming, Google can slap you like your mother. Sssh ! Ok, this is for today.

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