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December 22, 2008

Adsense accounts safety net?

Beginners guide to Google Adsense is all about teaching the basics to the newbie so that they have a chance of having a good start and not get burnt. However, you’re still new and mistakes will happen. You need a safety net.

Nothing is beats having two Google Adsense accounts. I recommend most people to have two accounts even if they’re a seasoned pro. The reason is if one gets shut down, you’re back on your feet again in 3 mins. How cool can you get?

You may unexpectedly have mistakes with your site having 4 adsense units for example and if you don’t have insurance, you’ll loose a few days of income.

For the confident Adsense website builder, they can try some new techniques with Adsense and their website. For example, there is a software called Voodoo Blog which can create hundreds of blogs in one day. Risky, but if it works well, you can put it as your main stream marketing technique and watch the Google checks come in.

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