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December 22, 2008

Picking High Paying Keywords For Your Adsense Website

Heard of people mentioning that you should only choose high paying keywords when building your Adsense websites? The moral behind this is that as you’re getting clicks to your Adsense, you might as well get them for high paying keywords.

It’s a difference between earning $10 a day to $5 a day. But my advice is ignore these high paying keywords. Yes, unless you’re a professional internet marketer and know how to get tons of traffic forget it

Sorry to shatter your hopes, but the fact is, there is too much competition for these high paying keywords. I mean why not create Adsense websites where there is little competition and you can make lots of money there? This is why almost everyone says go for the low hanging fruit.

I prefer to earn money easily and effortlessly. Let others battle it out.

Another good reason is that these so called high paying keywords change. They could be selling for $10 a click one month and only $1 a click a few months later. So by the time your website is well established to get the visitors coming to click, it’s too late.

People should not take creating Adense websites as a hobby. Treat it as a long term business. Create good content and build several websites around your niche.

For example, create anger management, time management, attracting wealth and self confidence websites around a main niche - self improvement.

These will drive traffic to other websites as they are related. They will make your Adsense income stable and long term. Not a flash in the pan.

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