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December 03, 2008

Protect Adsense Account

Some tips to protect the adsense account
1.Never click the google ad by yourselves of your own websites.
2.Put three Ad Unit,Three Link Unit and two Search Box maximum
on page of the websites
3.Never alter the adsense code.
4.Never put the other companies advertisement on the websites
where ther is the ad given by google.
5.Log in to your adsense account only once with in 24 hrs.
6.Do new posting regularly on your websites.
7.After the posting reached to 30, then you can delete old postings and
put fresh postings
8.Do not log in to your {adsense A/c,Blogger A/c,Even Gmail A/c}
from different IP
9.Follow different methods to insrease Web traffics on your websites.
Which means that insrease more and more number of visiters from
different countries on your websites.
10.For doing this you can follow different methods to increase traffics
on your websites:like;
1.Classified Sites
2.Add URL
3.Social Bookmarking

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